About Us

Acquired in 2007 by the ambitious duo, Gaspar Lalovich and Mike Arcari, Express Sheetmetals (NZ) Ltd has grown into the multi-faceted industry leader it is today. Express Sheetmetals’ annual turnover has increased more than 8-fold since 2007. Cutting edge European methods combined with the Kiwi can-do attitude, eco-friendly practices, and a focus on customer satisfaction has assured the company’s continued success.

With almost 50 years combined experience in the European and Australasian marketplaces, within supply, manufacturing, and installation of Air-conditioning systems, the duo have steadily grown Express Sheetmetals into a market leader within New Zealand.

The company head office and factory is in Otahuhu, Auckland, and our South Island office and factory located in Waltham, Christchurch. The team comprises professional, experienced, and highly trained tradesman with an industry reputation for prompt, reliable service and above all else, producing top quality products.

Express Sheetmetals is the official Australasian partner of Spiro International, Swiss-based European market leaders in the development of machines for the production of round and oval ducting, and other sheetmetal products.

Express Sheetmetals is the only company in New Zealand producing rubber sealed spiral ducting and fittings using the Spiro System. The Spiro system – is already pressure tested to Swiss and international standards (including Eurovent 2 Class D), and eliminates the need to further seal the installed product, greatly simplifying and reducing the cost of installation, and allowing maximum efficiency from the entire HVAC system.

Express Sheetmetals manufacture and supply products and ship them across New Zealand and internationally, more recently to Nevada, USA, and Fiji.