The SPIRO System

The SPIRO-system incorporates a sealing strip of age-resistant EPDM rubber, ensuring an airtight and lasting joint seal that is immune to variations in temperature.


Meeting the requirements of air tightness, Class D, the range extends from components with a diameter of 80 mm up to those with a diameter of 1250 mm.

Because of the totally dependable quality of the factory mounted sealing strips, SPIRO-system installation is quick and easy. As each application is fully sealed at the outset, no additional sealing is necessary.

The spirally wound tubes produced by our tubeformers features a patented seam cavity, which both stabilises the tubes and locks the seams into place, ensuring that tolerances are maintained even during handling and transport.

This “bubble” guarantees the high quality performance of SPIRO-systems. The tubes are also stamped with the registered trademark “SPIRO-system”. Both the trademark and “bubble” guarantee the high-quality performance of SPIRO-system.

Benefits of the SPIRO-system

Economical air conditioning

Great demands are made on air conditioning systems, and they are a key component in building construction and operating costs.

It is vital that the duct systems used are tightly sealed to prevent leaks that create increased installation complexity, adjustment problems, over-dimensioned HVAC and duct systems and drive up operating costs.

Approval no 1358/88 means that the SPIRO-system complies with the requirements for tightness class D without any demand for pressure testing after installation.

The approval is only valid on condition that all fittings are manufactured and installed in accordance with the SPIRO-system specifications and installation instructions.

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